The Essence and Effect of AA Tokens to the General Public


Over the years, there have been quite a number of methods and techniques that one could incorporate just so they will be able to stay sober from alcohol addiction and whatnot and among the effective means to achieve such is through AA tokens and rings. Through rewards and such AA tokens, you can then assure that you will keep up with your alcohol addiction respectively.

Where the idea originated is actually from Cleveland, where the founder carried his silver dollar medallion in order for him to be reminded to be sober, where he actually carried this until the year 1984 when he died. He has always been sober from alcohol for the entire 46 years of his life, where people from then on have practiced such method to sobriety.

As the year progressed, you could see that there have been quite a number of types and variations of the coins, which, should differ from group to group but still, there are specific purposes and representations of such coins, which, is to represent the number of days or years one is sober. You can now find a ton of these things today and one example of the Anonymous Alcoholics token is the silver color, which, is given to someone who has been sober for 30 days and by the time they stayed sober for 2 months, a bronze token will be rewarded.

If the individual will be able to stay sober for 6 months straight, then they will be able to receive a yellow Anonymous Alcoholics token, and a solid blue color token if they ever get to reach their 1 year of being sober. In a sense, you could see that this type of method has been practiced for quite some time now and there are still others that perceive such type of application to be optional in a way. If you are going to look into the overall use of such materials, you will see that they do not have a specific type of material used or standard that is followed but as long as its purpose is served, then these things will surely live up to its use.

There are now quite a number of websites you could also find today that actually produce, manufacture, and sell AA tokens and rings. Over the years, since there really is no specific regulation about stopping these people from selling AA medallions, there were even narcotics anonymous medallions one could find.

Overall, the use of AA tokens and rings is to assure that one will be able to stay sober until the time they could control the urge with ease. Visit if you have questions.